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DGater D*Con 2001 Pics!  

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Vlio Zuberi, Tavin, Tchori Tavin, Vixen & Kracker-Snot Drinking Game Group Picture Group Picture Group Picture Assorted People
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Tchori, Aliuette, Tavin Nixtalis Kagee Nixtalis Buy a Vowel! Attkayet'a Firetoad, Aliuette & Nessa  Tavin & Vixen
dcon4 dcon14b.jpg (2527 bytes) dcon20 dcon21 dcon22 dcon23 dcon24 dcon25
Wygrin Audra & Zuberi Vaile & Dunkan Tavin,Wygrin,  Nix Some guy, Tchori, Claudia Alynia Dunkan & Colin's friend Sedir, Vlio & Alynia
dcon5 dcon12b.jpg (2233 bytes) dcon10b.jpg (2451 bytes) dcon27 dcon28 dcon29 dcon3 dcon31
Cheers! Natari Claudia & Deme Wygrin Sedir & Starlyn Neven, Lilith & Bael Vixen & Tchori Stanrar & Deme
dcon6 dcon11b.jpg (2069 bytes) dcon1b.jpg (2229 bytes) dcon3b.jpg (1936 bytes) dcon4b.jpg (2201 bytes) dcon5b.jpg (2062 bytes) dcon6b.jpg (2506 bytes) dcon2b.jpg (2311 bytes)
Demeralda Firetoad Tavin & Wygrin Zuberi Dunkan, Vixen, Alynia's cousin Starlyn, Sedir & Neven Audra Vaile
dcon7 dcon7b.jpg (2196 bytes) dcon8 dcon9
Assorted People Tavin, Vaile, Kracker-snot Trlstryn Up-close That Hooman

  Have pictures from past D*Cons that you want posted?  E-mail them to me!
Be sure to tell me what year the picture is from and who (character or player names) is in the picture.

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